NHS North East Essex CCG Agrees to Reinstate IVF Funding

NHS North East Essex CCG Agrees to Reinstate IVF Funding

The Governing Body of North East Essex Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has today agreed to reinstate IVF provision across Colchester and Tendring.

The decision means two cycles of IVF treatment will be available to patients aged 23 to 40, and one cycle of IVF treatment to those aged 40 – 42, in north east Essex, who meet the necessary criteria from 1 April 1 2020.*

Today’s announcement brings the number of cycles offered in north east Essex in line with the Suffolk threshold.

Dr Hasan Chowhan, Chairman of North East Essex CCG, said: “I am pleased that the CCG is now in a position to reinstate this policy.

“However, I also appreciate and acknowledge the emotional strain and heartache this would have caused many couples across north east Essex since the restriction was introduced in 2015.

“Implementing this policy at that time was an extremely difficult decision for myself and my board colleagues but we did so to ensure our limited resource was put to the best possible use to the majority of people.”

Dr Chowhan added: “Back in 2015, we did promise we would review the restriction at regular intervals.

“We have kept to our word and after now achieving a healthier financial position, we are able to reinstate this service for people who meet the clinical criteria.”

Healthwatch Essex has agreed to support the CCG to reinstate this policy and to help clinicians and commissioners to inform the people they serve. It remains to be seen whether microTESE and other male fertility procedures will be offered and funded for men with non-obstructive azoospermia. The Androfertility Clinic remains open for patients requiring the microTESE procedure when fertility procedures resume.For more updates follow us on here.

*Eligibility criteria is:

Age 23 years or more and less than 40 years:

will be eligible for up to TWO full cycles (for women who have undergone no previous cycles of IVF, or have self-funded one previous cycle of IVF); or ONE full cycle (for women who have self-funded two previous cycles of IVF). If the woman reaches the age of 40 years during treatment, the current cycle will be completed, but no further cycles will be offered.

Age 40 years to 42 years:

will be eligible for ONE full cycle providing the woman has never previously had IVF treatment