Find A Private Urologist In London

To find a private urologist in London, look no further than the consultancy services offered by Mr Suks Minhas.

Mr Minhas provides a sensitive and efficient approach to the diagnosis and treatment of many ranging urological conditions.

Very much treating each patient as individual as the next one, and with full reassurance of Mr Minhas’ highly respected reputation in his field, men’s health can be in no better hands.

Locations for Mr Minhas’ services

You can make an appointment with Suks Minhas at his London Andrology Clinic at 18 Devonshire Street, W1G 7AF.

Get in touch via the telephone number 020 7224 5089.

More about Suks Minhas

Mr Suks Minhas is widely regarded as a leader in the field of men’s health and one of the UK’s most eminent andrologists.

With specialist interest and expertise in areas including male fertility and erectile dysfunction, penile and testicular cancers and male urology, he sees patients from all over the UK covering a vast range of concerns.

Based in central London Suks Minhas is a leading Consultant Urologist and Andrologist specialising in the male reproductive system.

Read reviews of Mr Suks Minhas

Visit to access reviews of Mr Minhas’ services.

With 5 star reviews at both locations, you can be sure that you are in the best possible care with regard to your sexual health.

Patients left real reviews for matters ranging from erectile dysfunction to an overactive bladder.

5 stars were given to Mr Suks Minhas in regard to the following areas of professional care:

  • overall care
  • explanation
  • bedside manner

The reviews describe Suks Minha as “very professional”, “excellent all the way through” their care and “excellent manner, very professional and reassuring – highly recommended”.

So, don’t hesitate to contact Mr Minhas for your peace of mind.

We look forward to hearing from you.