About London Andrology

Mr Tet Yap and Professor Suks Minhas have worked together in partnership for over 15 years, developing the most advanced treatments for sexual and reproductive needs. 

With their extensive clinical and research experience, they have developed rigorous and patient-centred approaches in treating men’s health conditions – from fertility issues including sperm retrievals and banking, varicocele repairs, vasectomies and management of complex genetic male infertility and sperm DNA fragmentation to sexual health issues like erectile dysfunction, testosterone replacement, prostate cancer survivorship and prosthetic surgery (testis, penis). They work within an allied team of recognised experts in their respective fields (continence, nutrition, psychosexual & fertility counselling).

Picture of Mr Tet Yap & Professor Suks Minhas

They run and are a part of one of UK’s first and only multidisciplinary male fertility team discussions on complex cases involving expert andrologists gynaecologists embryologists radiologists and pathologists. This allows open discussion and the best evidence-based current treatments available to be offered to their patients and assures consistency of care across specialities. Both specialists also run specialist Andrology clinics which include minor treatment spaces, counselling and nutritionist support and expert nursing care.

If you would like to arrange for a consultation with the team, please call our reception on 0207 034 5032 or alternatively by requesting an appointment online.